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15 Living Coral Hair Color Ideas To Try This Summer

Welcome to the vibrant world of "15 Living Coral Hair Color Ideas To Try This Summer." Dive into the latest trend that promises to add a burst of lively warmth to your locks, perfectly in sync with the summery vibes.

15 Living Coral Hair Color Ideas To Try This Summer

Living Coral is a vibrant and lively shade that can add a playful and tropical touch to your hair. Here are 15 Living Coral hair color ideas to consider trying this summer:

Solid Living Coral

Embrace the color in its purest form for a bold and eye-catching look. A solid Living Coral hue will make a strong statement.

Living Coral Ombre

Blend Living Coral with a lighter or darker shade for a subtle transition, creating a beautiful ombre effect.

Living Coral Highlights

Add pops of Living Coral as highlights to your existing hair color for a more understated but still impactful style.

Living Coral Balayage

Opt for a balayage technique to seamlessly blend Living Coral into your natural or base color, creating a sun-kissed effect.

Living Coral Tips

Keep the majority of your hair in its natural color and apply Living Coral just to the tips for a fun and trendy look.

Living Coral Waves

Showcase the beauty of Living Coral with beachy waves or loose curls for a breezy and effortless summer vibe.

Living Coral Underlights

Add a surprise element by incorporating Living Coral as underlights beneath your top layer of hair.

Living Coral Braids

Experiment with braids, incorporating Living Coral strands for a dynamic and intricate style.

Living Coral Peekaboo

Add a playful touch by hiding Living Coral strands within your hair, creating a peekaboo effect when you move.

Living Coral Bob

Opt for a chic bob haircut and color it in Living Coral for a modern and stylish look.

Living Coral Pixie Cut

Go bold with a pixie cut and infuse it with the vibrant energy of Living Coral for a head-turning appearance.

Living Coral Unicorn Hair

Combine Living Coral with other pastel shades for a whimsical and unicorn-inspired hairstyle.

Living Coral Mermaid Hair

Blend Living Coral with oceanic shades like turquoise and seafoam green for a mermaid-inspired color palette.

Living Coral Accents

Add Living Coral streaks or accents throughout your hair for a subtle yet impactful touch of color.

Living Coral Rainbow

Embrace a spectrum of colors, with Living Coral as a focal point in a rainbow-inspired hairstyle for a vibrant and joyful appearance.

FAQs on Living Coral Hair Color

How long does Living Coral hair color last?

Living Coral is a semi-permanent color, lasting around 4-6 weeks. Factors like hair care routine and color application technique can influence its longevity.

Can I achieve Living Coral on dark hair?

While possible, achieving Living Coral on dark hair may require pre-lightening or bleaching for the color to fully express. Professional advice is recommended.

Will Living Coral hair color stain my clothes?

During the initial washes, there may be minimal color transfer. However, with proper care, Living Coral hair color should not excessively stain clothes.

Is it necessary to bleach my hair for Living Coral?

For the true Living Coral shade to shine, lightening your hair may be necessary, especially for darker hair colors. A stylist can guide you through this process.

Can I mix Living Coral with other hair colors?

Experimenting with color combinations is encouraged. However, for the pure Living Coral experience, it's best applied as a single shade.

How often should I touch up Living Coral color?

Frequency depends on factors like hair growth and desired vibrancy. On average, touch-ups every 4-6 weeks maintain a fresh Living Coral look.


Embark on a colorful journey this summer with Living Coral hair. Whether you choose a subtle ombre or bold highlights, let your personality shine through. Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of Living Coral, and make this summer unforgettable.

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