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15 Fun Purple Hair Color Ideas to Try

Purple hair is a bold and trendy choice for those looking to make a statement with their hair color. Whether you want a subtle lavender hue or a vibrant violet, there are plenty of fun purple hair color ideas to consider. Here are 15 options to inspire your next hair transformation:

Lavender Ombre

Start with a soft, pastel lavender at the roots and gradually transition to a lighter shade at the ends for a beautiful ombre effect.

Deep Amethyst

A rich, deep amethyst shade can add a sense of mystery and elegance to your look.


Combine various shades of purple with hints of blue and silver to create a mesmerizing galaxy-inspired hair color.

Royal Purple

Opt for a regal and vibrant royal purple shade that's both bold and eye-catching.

Pastel Purple

Go for a delicate pastel purple that exudes a dreamy, ethereal quality.

Ultra Violet

Embrace the Pantone Color of the Year with a vivid and electrifying ultra violet shade.

Plum Balayage

Add depth and dimension to your hair by incorporating plum and deep purple hues in a balayage style.

Mystical Mermaid

Blend shades of purple, teal, and green to achieve a captivating mermaid-inspired hair color.

Smoky Lilac

Create a smoky, muted lilac shade that offers a more understated take on purple hair.

Neon Purple

For a head-turning look, opt for a neon purple that's as bright and bold as it gets.

Purple Tips

Keep your roots natural and add purple highlights or tips for a chic and subtle pop of color.

Amethyst Accents

Add streaks or sections of amethyst purple throughout your hair for a touch of elegance.

Velvet Violet

Achieve a soft and velvety violet hue that's as luxurious as it sounds.

Lilac and Silver Blend

Combine soft lilac with silver tones to create a cool, futuristic look.

Rainbow Unicorn

Experiment with a variety of pastel colors, including shades of purple, to achieve a whimsical and colorful unicorn-inspired hairstyle.

Remember that achieving and maintaining purple hair often requires bleaching and regular touch-ups to keep the color vibrant. It's a good idea to consult with a professional colorist to ensure the best results and to consider your hair's natural base color for the most suitable purple shade. Enjoy the journey of transforming your hair with these fun purple hair color ideas!

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